The Writer's Journey

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Many of us have read "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. Many of us have experienced the creative rush and necessity for inner growth so carefully explored in this masterpiece. We may squirm at the thought of undertaken this road that is often avoided and that asks us to maintain a spirit of self reflection and the sense of courage to withstand the overwhelmingly, at times, magical evidences that shape the path ahead and affirm our belonging.

Often, it takes decades to commit to this path, publicly declaring our intentions to live out loud as story tellers who write and shape the landscape around us. We have to trust our inner voice and the stories - both fiction and non fiction - that must be told and that we are entrusted with.

As a novelist, short story writer and non-fiction creative writer, I've found that my path is at times circular and at other times is a grueling climb that requires patience and belief that this moment is not randomly chosen. Knowing that some aspects of this terrain are a reflective mirror of the shadows - be they self-doubt or creative hiding - has been essential. Self doubt, especially after the wins or successes is a part of the journey.

Its mentioned most often where writer's congregate as the feeling of being an imposter for some, or the nagging comparison to writer's with well known brands. It becomes a concentrated focus on marketing rather than building a cannon of work that can withstand the test of time and embrace those who come behind us- both writers and readers.

But this 'let down' doesn't have to be the straw that breaks us or distorts our vision. Seeing the Writer's Journey, instead, as a landscape we walk and help to mold will require the grace of patience allowing for honesty and vulnerability. The perfect slate to do and begin again.

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