Synchronicity, Serendipity and the Gift of Writing

Its been a long history and normal experience for me to experience synchronicity when I am in the planning and writing stages.

At first, it was difficult to understand and even harder to explain that the story I needed to write would demand to be actualized through pen and paper or supernatural seeming experiences due to holding it inside.

With time, experience, and commitment to this writing life, I've come to understand that the uncanny experience of synchronicity is the way of the universe saying yes, look here, dig further. Its the nod towards completion and developing the realistic context of my otherwise fictional characters and story setting.

Whether you know the word synchronicity through its association in creative communities, or understand more the concept of serendipity as an observance of luck, most can agree that it is an aspect of the law of harmony. Something I really had a light bulb moment about today because I'd been playing with a new story idea and finally began to do the research for it. As if on cue, the "key phrase" about the idea, began to appear repeatedly in my environment, either through a stranger's words, or something being mentioned in the media around me.

Because I've been reading on the law of harmony in a Christian context, it finally dawned on me that the original word and experience I've long been running from - synchronicity - is evidence of the law in real time. Needless to say, it was a great writing session day! But more importantly, my gratitude has been increased for the way God allows many a writer to have such a "flow" experience.

Writing from the context that the story is within and without allows complete immersion and courage to "show not tell" the stories we are given. It is something I have come to understand is only natural from a creator whose own son was also known as a gifted storyteller.

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