Ode to a SuperPower

I have long loved Penny Marshall. As a young girl I loved the Laverne&Shirley show. I drank Milk & Pepsi though I grew up not being allowed Caffeine. A few months ago, when I got a hankering for some, I started thinking about the impact that Penny Marshall has had on my own screenwriting dreams.

I realized she is a superpower whose footsteps I have long wanted to follow in and she has left an indelible mark in her field - opening doors and leaving records that many are still catching up with.

Just a review of her screen credits will reveal how diverse she was in her projects and as an actress and a writer and hopeful producer/director, I'd hope not to be pigeonholed by myself or others into one genre either. I think we do the artist and the audience a disservice by focusing on the bottom line that way. In a way, we have to let the project come to life, and let the business be the business when it is time to deal with that end of it.

I'm reaching that phase in my writing. I'm realizing I cannot do both. I want to let the spiritual side of what I do, bring the project to life take root and finish the work and let the universe bring the players together. While, I didn't get to meet Ms. Marshall, I do believe that when stars align they do so for a reason so from one libran to another. I am grateful to have enjoyed her life from a distance and the work she left behind as well as the trajectory of her path. She flew high and did so with such a grounded persona. Well done seems like such an understatement. Ms. Marshall. You remain in my heart Forever.

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