Hindsight 2020

Updated: Jan 1

I think we all wanted to minimize the possible impact of beginning a new decade. Going into 2020, it really did seem like uncharted territory. Similar to leaving the nineties behind, 2020 would hopefully be filled with promise yet seemed to bring a heightened sense of anxiety.

It began to be identified as the year that would bring clear, precise, perfect vision (20/20). And then the pandemic hit. Suddenly, life became about survival. Yet somehow, I've seen people thrive in their ability to reinvent, adapt, and create. The difference for those who have found this to be a year of surprising opportunity is perhaps mindset.

I began the year in a place that I never thought I would be. It was an experience I hope to write and develop for a series. It afforded me a lot of opportunity to think. There was never a choice in my mind, however, to fail. I continued to create, continued to write, and then once able to, continued to execute my plan of getting the work out there.

I think whether you are in a confined circumstance, as I was, or facing loss, the knowledge that you are at the helm of your life's vision is essential to finding solutions that lead to success.

Hopefully, 2020 will continue to be a decade of increased opportunity to define and create your own brand of happiness, your personal measure of success with clarity of vision to thrive.

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