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We are certainly in a new era when it comes to what constitutes work-life and how one determines and goes about obtaining success. Its so much more accessible to realize a life of your dreams if you step out on faith towards the idea in your mind that you've been blessed with. I truly believe it is a unique vision given to you to fulfill, so why trust others with whether or not it can be accomplished. Write your plan down, visualize your plan and take steps towards it. I do believe that God and his Universe take care to help you with the circumstances needed to continue to realize it. I've been on my own writing journey as a primary career since 2015. It has taken many re-commitments and overcoming doubts to say "this is what I'm doing and how I intend to live my life". Along the way, I've seen that some of the so-called safety nets I thought I had set up to fall back on have been increasingly closed to me. I take it as a good sign as it propels me forward to work harder at my creative goals and forces me to step out in courage. Out of that comfort zone. Out of the shadows. One person I admired in my youth stated that a back up plan, in his opinion, is a plan to fail. His advice, "put all your eggs in one basket so that you have to succeed because you have no where else to go." As creatives, we have to aim to succeed. Of course, success for everyone looks different and shouldn't be judged. Its not a sermon here. Its your life, your vision. I'm a storyteller with a goal of reaching for the stars. What's your dream?

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