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Adventures in AI

I recently took a workshop that introduced me to the world of AI writing. I didn't hate it as I suspected I would and I learned a few things. One, the mind of the writer is greater. Two, there is a place for AI in setting up one's creative vision.

We were taught how to give the AI tool a vision of what we wanted. I then played around with its fiction writing capabilities. While it was able to execute my vision fairly well and as if I had filled in the details it provided, it did not exceed my own creative direction. I liked my original story idea best but could see that the AI generated story could be a framework to expend upon.

With the drive to give more writing tasks to AI, I think its important for writers to see what the tool is capable of. It can be a great tool for building an outline and getting ideas onto paper to be set aside to expand upon. Its also great for making social media posts.

It is an uncanny experience to have your idea interpreted by AI but I think those who intend to take the human writer out of the equation will run into a generic form of story telling. For some, as long as it sells, is the bottom line. But for those publishers who still value the unique voice and minute details that a writer can provide, I don't suspect querying will stop or that panic should take over the writing world.

Writers have a creative vision that AI cannot replace. AI is good but our minds are better. We must believe in ourselves, even to the degree of producing and self publishing our own work if it comes to jobs with humans versus AI. Hopefully, our reading audience will come to recognize our voice and want to read the stories from a truly human perspective.

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