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I've been writing since grade school and always say, I'm the original fan fiction writer. At that time in the early 80s there was no internet, no forums to publish work and the subject of my work would have been highly embarrassed. It turns out he may have known of my work all along and he certainly found out in 2002! To my surprise, he was a fan and said so :)

I had a lot of fans of my work - the fan fiction that is. Remember, I was writing in the early 80s. All the way until the mid 90s, I was still going around collecting my work from friends who had saved them! I have always felt my destiny was to have my work on the public stage and how could I explain this whole Dynasty type fan fiction scenario I had created since age 10!

But it was popular. One wife who loved to delve into romance novels after a long day of managerial work was shown my stories by her daughter, one of my bestfriends, and began to come home and ask "did that girl write any of her stories!" She began to pick my stories instead. I figured that I had something at that point if I could compete with Harlequin!

While I wrote, I began to study the greats of my time - Judy Blume, Toni Morrison - and I switched from the screenwriting format my fan fiction was written in to trying to teach myself novel writing, narrative format. Now, I am able to do both.

In high school, I learned the value of journalism when a sensitive social issue took place and I conducted an interview with the subject to bring awareness and more consciousness to what had taken place. I won an award for that and began to have premonitions about my future. Never had I dreamed before that of where my life would take me.

Coming from a conservative Christian and Afro-Hispanic/Caribbean upbringing, however, I was expected to pursue a traditionally successful career path. My minor in Chemistry reflects that, but I've never believed one should give up their dreams or their gifts. I believe that is the personal ticket to prosperity that God has given you. So I fought to declare myself an English major and won my first contest with payment in 1990 for an Essay entry in a regional writing contest from the MENSA Society. I didn't need any other validation that my writing skills were solid, but it did take decades of learning to believe in my ability to make this a career. In that time, I've worked in entertainment in both music and film.

Finally, in 2015, I decided it was time to take the plunge. Writing would be my primary pursuit. In 2019, I began to pursue it full time.

I've got one novel published (self published because of the nature of the work) - please check it out! Its a short and enjoyable read and the subject I've loved my whole life from that earlier fan fiction is still in it - only its a hidden talent he was reported to have as his character's career. To me, love never dies and my aim is to pour love into my work and to provide an environment of entertainment that is wholesome enough for a church girl to come home, kick off her shoes and relax into the story, the film, the show.

Please join me on this journey.

Yours Truly,

Margaret Y. Buapim-West

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