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Current Work Available For Option

   Ring Envy / Genre -- Christian Fiction/Romance.  (Hallmark TV would be a great fit!)


*Works are copyrighted and all rights belong to the author.

Current Submision - Jack Langford: The Awakening / Genre - Adult/YA Sci-Fi Speculative Fiction.  (In Final Editing Phase. Current word count 60, 900. 200 pages.)

Most recent review by a Juror at the Speculative Literature Foundation, "A good take on Sci-Fi dystopia with an intriguing premise."


Please Enjoy...Blast from the Past

This was written in 1997 under the pen name Yaaz Robin.  It was during my soul searching days when I pursued alchemy, buddhism and discovered yoga.  I'm still a Christian Yogi which many consider an impossibility.

Lord Promise me you will provide no challenges along this highway called life.

Promise me a world where no real roadblocks exist as I work to fulfill my dreams.

Provide me a pathway of ease that reflects only the sunny side of life - no heartbreak, broken promises, failures or misplaced dreams.

Never test my faith by placing me in a place of darkness

Or strengthen my ability to endure by leading me through the Valley of Isolation.

Most importantly, never allow me to see you perform miracles in my life (because miracles take place in situations that seem Hopeless).

Lead me down a road that is easy and effortless, where abuse of any kind will never come my way.

And make my life a Garden of Roses...

A plastic one please - so that I can avoid the thorns.

Prayer of the Spiritually Young by Yaaz Robin, Copyright 1997

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