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Current Recommended Reading...

Books are one of my favorite past times.  I tend to enjoy a variety of genres in both fiction and non fiction. Right now on my bookshelf I have religious and business non fiction, contemporary urban crime mystery, contemporary romance and the genius of Toni Morrison who happens to be my pick for this month. At my local library book club, we were asked to read an excerpt from The Source of Self-Regard (2019) after considering Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. I've immensely enjoyed them both but as a female writer I would be remiss not to recommend Ms. Morrison this Women's History Month when she is the very foundation for me finding my literary footing and voice as a 15 year old discovering her identity and the wonders of the New York Public Library system. As always, her words are stimulating and work invigorating and I too understand that for me Life is Art.

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